Having witnessed an unceasing development in global technology, it is almost impossible to imagine a life deprived of the superior benefits of high technology. Under such circumstances, our company aiming to meet Turkish citizens with the latest and highest technological wonders adds up with every passing day new accomplishments on its way towards this particular aim. Since our establishment till present day we have been enjoying the rightful pride in presenting to our people state-of-the-art and smart products combined with human intelligence rather than classical consumer goods.

It would be a great honor for us if we could eventually prove to our people that the recent spread of technology frenzy in our country would be beneficial for humans in good uses. We, as Infoteks Informatics Computer Services and Software Systems company funded thoroughly with Turkish capital and labor and continuously in progress, keep on advancing by sticking to the principle to have our names under every single accomplishment verified by logic and common sense. Based on this objective we, filled with proper pride, take confident steps every new day on a brilliant road thanks to our cooperative professional team as well as technical support personnel who enjoys a well-established technological background. With our latest product Bus Screen (continuous watching on inter-city highways) Technology we have achieved a brand new success. With the contribution of you great people we are determined to achieve greater innovations.
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